Publication list 

COCATE publications



  1. CO2PIPEHAZ workshop, CCS from cradle to grave: The technical and safety challenges", IChemE, Birmingham 22-23 May 2012

  2. COCATE workshop, Johannesburg 7-8 November 2012
  3. COMET-CO2PIPE-COCATE workshop 12 December Lisbon 2012





  1. CO2NET 2011
  2. GHGT 2012:
    1. Economic optimization model,
    2. integrated approach for risk assessment of CO2 infrastructure 
    3. Corrosion of Pipe Steel in CO2 Containing Impurities and
      Possible Solutions
  3. Equilibrium and transport properties of CO2+N2O and CO2+NO mixtures. A molecular simulation and equation of state modelling study. V. Lachet, B. Creton, T. de Bruin, E. Bourasseau, N. Desbiens, Ø. Wilhelmsen, M.
  4. COCATE - Large-scale CCS Transportation infrastructure in Europe – Key outcomes. G. Bureau-Cauchois, S. Decarre, Y. Le Gallo
  5. Corrosion of steels in CO2 transport and storage environments. X. Zhang, J. Zevenbergen, M.P.N. Spruijt, T. Benedictus. The European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR, 2012), 9-13 Spetember 2012, Istambul, Turkey





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