LES for Energy Conversion in electric and combustion Engines [LES4ECE]

Virtual Conference - 16 - 18 June 2021


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IFP Energies nouvelles announces the 2021 edition of its biannual conference on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES)

Call for Papers Open!
Submit your abstracts online before 15 Aprll (extended dealine)

Organised since years by IFPEN, this well-known conference on LES is renewed in 2021 with an extension to all types of flows encountered in the field of electric or hybrid powertrains.
This international event organized within the framework of the Rencontres scientifiques of IFPEN will be a unique forum for exchange concerning research and development of LES and related experimental techniques for their application to energy conversion in transportation applications.
It brings together researchers and engineers working in the field of simulation to debate the state of the art in LES applied to electrical or combustion engines as well as powertrains and to examine advanced experimental techniques capable of supporting and validating its development.

Topics overview of LES4ECE:

  • LES techniques and codes : N-S solvers, Lattice-Boltzmann methods, SPH and Lagrangian solvers, etc.
  • LES models for turbulent internal flow, fuel sprays, combustion and CHT/cooling
  • Experimental techniques - including optical diagnostics - for characterising internal aerodynamics, mixing, two-phase flows and thermal states


LES4ECE will take place in an innovative 100% virtual format. Fun and easy to use, we hope to see many of you sharing this experience which, even at a distance, encourages exchanges, and of course allows for presentations, e-posters exhibitions and demonstrations. A virtual experience close to a real-world conference!

Want to have an idea of this innovative 100% virtual format? Watch the video below

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Want to know more? Interested in proposing an abstract?
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  •  Due to the Covid crisis, LES4ECE goes 100% virtual
  • Call for Papers open

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