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OCTAVIUS is the successor of the 2 previous European projects CASTOR and CESAR on CO2 capture in postcombustion.


The European Commission is also supporting several other R&D projects on the development of CCS technology.

Some of these projects are linked below.

  • Decarbit
    Aim: Development of  pre combustion capture technologies and novel capture technologies. The aim is to achieve a CO2 capture cost of 15 euro/tonne CO2. The project also includes plans for pilot testing.
  • Dynamis
    Aim: Development of concepts for electricity and hydrogen production with CCS. The establishing a basis for a demonstration plant – called the Hypogen plant – is part of the project.
  • Encap
    Aim: to develop and validate a number of pre combustion CO2 capture technologies that can result in a CO2 capture cost <20 euro per tonne CO2 at a CO2 capture rate of 90%
  • GeoCapacity
    Aim: Assessing the European capacity of CO2 storage
  • CO2sink
    Aim: Physical injection of CCS in a storage site to investigate CO2 behaviour after injection.
  • CO2ReMoVe
    Aim: Research on monitoring and verification techniques for deep subsurface CO2 storage.
  • Coach
    Aim: preparing for a CCS demonstration plant in China.
  • Ecco
    Aim: accelerating the development of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) which is one of the main strategies to combat global warming.
  • Cocate  tackles the problems of rolling out a shared transportation infrastructure capable of connecting geological storage sites with various medium size CO2-emitting industrial facilities located within a close geographical proximity.
  • Porto Tolle is the ENEL  full scale CCS demo project.
  • ROAD is the E-ON & GDF SUEZ full scale CCS demo project
  • Global CCS Institute
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