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The European Commission is supporting several R&D projects where the aim is to develop CCS technology.

Some of the projects are linked below.

  • Decarbit
    Aim: Develop pre combustion capture technologies and novel capture technologies. The aim is to achieve a CO2 capture cost of 15 euro/tonne CO2. The project also includes plans for pilot testing.
  • Dynamis
    Aim: development of concepts for electricity and hydrogen production with CCS. The establishing a basis for a demonstration plant – called the Hypogen plant – is part of the project.
  • Encap
    Aim: develop and validate a number of pre combustion CO2 capture technologies that can result in a CO2 capture cost <20 euro per tonne CO2 at a CO2 capture rate of 90%
  • GeoCapacity
    Aim: Assessing the European capacity of CO2 storage
  • CO2sink
    Aim: Physical injection of CCS in a storage site to investigate CO2 behaviour after injection.
  • CO2ReMoVe
    Aim: Research on monitoring and verification techniques for deep subsurface CO2 storage.
  • Coach
    Aim: preparing for a CCS demonstration plant in China.
  • Ecco
    Aim: accelerating the development of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) which is one of the main strategies to combat global warming.


There are many good web sites with information on CCS. Some of them are linked below.

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