LES for Energy Conversion in electric and combustion Engines [LES4ECE]

Virtual Conference - 16 - 18 June 2021

Thursday 4 December 

8.30   Registration

9.15   Welcome Address
         E. Heintzé, Scientific Director (IFPEN, France)

9.30    Keynote address by H. Pitsch (RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany)
LES of diesel sprays using advanced computational methods and models for mixture and
           emission formation 

Session 1: LES modeling and numerics

Numerical and experimental analysis of intake-port boundary-layer modeling and its
             influence on fluctuations of the large-scale charge motion
          F. Hartmann1, S. Buhl1, P. Kranz2, M. Schild2, S. Kaiser2, C. Hasse
         (1 TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 2 Univ. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) 

10.30  Effect of valve and piston motion on the discharge coefficient in an exhaust port
          B. Semlitsch1, Y. Wang2, M. Mihaescu1  (1 Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden;
          2 Northwestern Polytechnical Univ., China) 

10.55  Break 

 Adaptive LES of dynamically changing geometries in OpenFOAM®:
           an application to the TCC test case

          F. Piscaglia, A. Montorfano, A. Onorati (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

11.50 The influence of LES filter width on the turbulent in-cylinder flow
          T. Nguyen, A. Kempf (Univ. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

12.15  Lunch

Comparison of LES SGS models in pipe flow
           D. H. Lee, B. Kucinschi, S. Nomura, O. Nitulescu, T. Shieh (Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
           North America, USA) 

14.10  LES for IC engine flows – effect of machine hardware, adaptive mesh refinement and sub-grid
            scale models

          X. Yang1, S. Gupta1,3, Q. Xue2, S. Som2, T-W. Kuo1 (1 GM Global R&D, 2 Argonne National Lab.,
          3 Univ. of Michigan, USA)

14.35  Prediction of cyclic combustion variability in internal combustion engines via coupled
            1D-3D LES method
          B. Roux1, J. Bohbot1, Q. H. Tran1, P. Sagaut2 (1 IFPEN, 2 UPMC, France)


Session 2: Flow variability

15.00  Comprehensive engine combustion characterization for LES validation
           B. Böhm, B. Peterson, E. Baum, C-P. Ding, A. Dreizler (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

15.25  Cluster-based reduced-order modeling of a gasoline IC engine
           Y. Cao1,2, E. Kaiser1, J. Borée1, B. R. Noack1, L. Thomas1, S. Guilain2, A. Spohn1
           (1 CNRS – Univ. of Poitiers, 2 Renault, France)

15.50  LES of the cold flow of a DISI-Engine and validation with high-speed PIV measurements
           M. Theile1,2, E. Hassel1, D. Thévenin2, B. Buchholz3 (1 Univ. of Rostock, 2 Univ. of Magdeburg              “Otto von Guericke”, 3 FVTR, Germany)

16.15   Break

Investigation of unsteady wall heat flux under engine relevant conditions using Direct
                Numerical Simulation

          M. Schmitt1, C. E. Frouzakis1, Y. M. Wright1, A. Tomboulides2, K. Boulouchos1 (1 ETH Zürich,
Switzerland; 2 Univ. of Western Macedonia, Greece) 

17.10  Separation of large-scale structures and turbulent fluctuations in IC Engines using
             POD-Based conditional averaging

          S. Buhl, F. Hartmann, C. Hasse (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) 

17.35LES of IC engine flows for different engine speeds and intake manifold pressures
          P. Schiffmann1, S. Gupta1,2, D. Reuss1, V. Sick1, X. Yang2, T-W. Kuo2 (1 Univ. of Michigan, 2 GM
Global R&D, USA) 

18.00  An experimental and simulation study of turbulent flow in a homogeneous-charge spark-
                ignition engine
          Y Shekhawat1, S. Paltrinieri2, P. Schiffmann3, D.C. Haworth1, S. Fontanesi2, V. Sick3, D.L. Reuss3
(1 Pennsylvania State Univ., USA; 2 UNIMORE, Italy; 3 Univ. of Michigan, USA)

18.25  LES for the exploration of fast transients in downsized GDI SI engines – motored conditions
           C. Pera, G. Pilla, L-M. Malbec, S. Jay, C. Angelberger(IFPEN, France)

18.50  End of the presentations 

         Bus transfer to the Brasserie Le Boeuf sur le toit 

20.00  Dinner 

22.00  Bus departure to Place Charles de Gaulle Etoile in Paris then to Rueil-Malmaison near the hotels

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