ESAT 2021- 31st European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics

France - 100% virtual - 5-9 July 2021


The conference will focus on:
-    Phase equilibria (experiment and modeling)
-    Thermophysical properties (experiment and modeling)
-    Statistical thermodynamics (Simulation and equations of state)
-    Chemo-informatics

In view of a deep decarbonization of industy, following applications fields are considered:
-    Electrolytes
-    Biomass treatment
-    Energy storage
-    CO2 Capture, transport, storage & valorisation
-    Innovative processes
-    Energy efficiency
-     Waste valorisation
-    Molecular design

Keynote speakers


 François Nicol, Veolia Research, Chair of SFGP (France),
 Process industry of the future: SFGP vision


 Joan Brennecke, Professor, Univ. of Texas (USA)
 Recent advances in supported ionic liquid

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 Antoon Ten Kate, Lead scientist, Nouryon (The Netherlands)
 Electrolytes in industry: worth their salt


 Joachim Gross, Professor Univ. of Stuttgart (Germany)
 Dynamic properties and dynamic interfacial processes from molecular simulation
and from fluid theory

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Kamil Paduszynski, Warsaw Univ. of Technology (Poland)
Discovering paths from chemical structure to properties of ionic liquids
with empirical correlations and thermodynamic models