Commodities and Energy Market Organization in the Energy Transition Context [EM 2018]

IFPEN/Rueil-Malmaison - 18-19 June 2018


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We are offering partners companies an opportunity to demonstrate their interest in the topical theme Commodities and Energy Market Organization by becoming sponsors of this international conference.

We propose different levels of partnership, ie:

Double-puce-bleu-ciel-et-orange "BRONZE" PARTNERSHIP for € 500 (VAT excl.)

  • insertion of an advertising flyer (size A4, 4 pages maximum), or of a promotional article in the logo of the sponsor (pen, notepad, ..) provided by the sposor in the delegates bag

Double-puce-bleu-ciel-et-orange "SILVER" PARTNERSHIP for € 1 000 (VAT excl.)

  • USB key in the logo of the sponsor and provided by the sponsor ;

Double-puce-bleu-ciel-et-orange "GOLD" PARTNERSHIP for € 2 500 (VAT excl.)

  •  your company logo will be displayed on the web site, the program, the abstract booklet and all other documents handed out to the participants;

Double-puce-bleu-ciel-et-orange "PLATINUM" PARTNERSHIP for € 5 000 (VAT excl.)

In addition to the above proposal:

  •  a poster (90 cm x 120 cm) or kakemono provided by your company will be displayed in the coffee break area
  •  a stand (upon request): 1 table, 2 chairs, electric power

Double-puce-bleu-ciel-et-orange OPEN PARTNERSHIP

Choose to sponsor a coffe-break, a lunch, the cocktail party ...

Become a partner of EM2018!

We are happy to discuss alternative sponsorship opportunities, please contact