Computational chemistry for pollutant mitigation

Rueil-Malmaison (near Paris) - 13-14 March 2017

Presentations on-line 14 March 

Tuesday 14 March

Chairman: T. de Bruin (IFPEN, France)

Plenary Lecture by William A. Goddard (Caltech, USA)
Advances in multiscale methods for environmentally-friendly design

Round Table
Moderators: C. Chizallet, M. Matrat and T. de Bruin (IFPEN, France)
Challenges for pollutant mitigation: under-researched areas, human-machine interactions, first-principle/multiscale-based design

Participants: R. Chaudret (Scienomics, France), W. A. Goddard (Caltech, USA), A. Pires Da Cruz (IFPEN, France), P. Pullumbi (Air Liquide, France), M. Sarwar (Johnson Matthey, UK) and B. Sirjean (Univ. of Lorraine, France)

Chairwoman: F. Zhang (Univ. of Science and Technology of China)

Keynote by Annemie Bogaerts (Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium)
Topical review: Challenges in plasma chemistry

Classical molecular dynamics simulations of plasma sputtered catalyst growth and plasma-catalysis
P. Brault1, E. C. Neyts2 (1 GREMI, CNRS Univ. of Orléans, France; 2 Departement of Chemistry, Univ. of Antwerp, Belgium)