Petroleum Systems Modeling Workshop - Challenges of structurally complex basins

Hôtel Novotel - Rueil-Malmaison (near Paris), France - 15-16 June 2017

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Thursday 15 June

Session 1 – Geodynamics and basin modeling

Chairpersons: S. Doering (ENI, Italie), C. Vandré (Statoi, Norway)

O/01 Influence of dynamic topography on the evolution of the Australian landscape since the Late Jurassic
T. Salles1, N. Flament2, R. D. Müller1
1 EarthByte Group, School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney, Australia ; 2 School of Earth and
Environmental Sciences, University of Wollongong, Australia

O/02 Integrated analysis of seismic refraction and reflection, subsidence and thermal blanketing: implications for heatflow and charge modeling of the Exmouth Plateau, Northwest Australia (not available)

L. Kennan, C. Willacy, I. Brown, Shell, The Netherlands

O/03 The importance of lithospheric thickness as a boundary constraint on temperature prediction (not available)

S-A. Clark, R. Khabbaz Ghazian, Z. Tasarova, K. Hokstad, R. Kyrkjebø, Statoil, Norway

0/04 Thermal modeling in deep and ultra-deep offshore areas : from concepts to basin modeling practice (not available)

F. Lorant, C. Nielsen, Total, France

0/05 Fire and Ice: application of geodynamic thinking into petroleum system models (not available)

E. Hvidegård Hartz1,2, S. Medvedev2, D. W. Schmid3, J. I. Faleide2, K. Iyer3, J. E. Skeie1
1 AkerBP, Norway ; 2 Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University of Oslo, Norway ;
3 GeoModelling Solutions, Switzerland

Session 2 – Towards coupling structural modeling, geomechanics and basin modeling
Chairpersons: Z. Anka 
(Total, USa), M.C Casas-Strentz (IFPEN, France)

0/06 Integrated 2D seismic interpretation, geometrical forward modelling, 4D analogue modelling and discrete element modelling to determine the structure of a giant gasfield in the jungle-covered mountains of Papua New Guinea

Kevin Hill1 & 3, R. Darnault2, R. Wightman1 and P. Rey3
1 Oil Search Ltd., Sydney, Australia; 2 IFPN France; 3 Basin Genesis Hub, School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney, Australia

0/07 From structural 3D restoration to petroleum system modeling (not available)
J-L Rudkiewicz, J. F. Lecomte, D. Colombo, I. Faille, IFPEN, France

0/08 Towards a coupled restoration/forward geomechanical modeling workflow for basin evolution prediction (not available)
A. J. L. Crook1, J. Obradors-Prats1, D. Somer2, D. Peric2,
1 Three Cliffs Geomechanical Analysis Ltd, Swansea University, UK ; 2 Swansea University, UK

0/09 Coupling petroleum system and geomechanics at basin scale (not available)

T. Cornu1, A. Bouziat2, D. Colombo2, J. Frey2, N. Guy2, M-C. Cacas-Stentz2
1 Total, France ; 2 IFPEN, France

0/10 Fully coupled poro-mechanical basin models for pressure and effective stress prediction, with application to a mini-basin in voluminous salt (not available)

P. Lovely1, M. Kacewicz1, T. Crook2 , J. Obradors2
1 Chevron, USA ; 2 Three Cliffs Geomechanical Analysis Ltd, Swansea University, UK

Friday 16 June 

Session 3 – Integration of geopressure, geomechanics and seismic
Chairpersons: P. Lovely
(Chevron, USA), F.H Nader (IFPEN, France)

0/11 Geophysical basin modeling: methodology and application in complex geological settings (not avalable)
G. De Prisco & al. Statoil, USA

0/12 Integrating basin modeling and rock physics to predict reservoir rock lithofacies and chemical diagenesis effects on overpressure (not available)

W. AlKawai, A. Hosford Scheirer, T. Mukerji, S. A. Graham, Stanford University, USA

0/13 Contribution of carbonate diagenesis to basin thermicity and barometry appraisal in sedimentary basins
M. Gasparrini & al. IFPEN, France

0/14 Basin modeling in 2D complex structural areas - Issues and existing solutions for the complex geological scenarii.

R.Darnault1, T. Crabie1, R. Divies1, J-F Lecomte1, M. Callies2
2 Beicip-Franlab

Session 4 – Integrated basin modeling workflow
Chairpersons: J.L Rudkiewicz (IFPEN, France), A. Vayssaire (Repsol, Spain)

0/15 Petrolum systems modeling challenges of structurally complex frontier basins: the case of the levant (east med) basin

F.H. Nader1, J. Barabasch2, L. Inati1, M. Ducros1, S. Bou Daher2, B. Carpentier1, N. Hawie3, R. Littke2
1 Geosciences Division, IFP Energies nouvelles (France), 2 RWTH Aachen University (Germany), 3 Beicip-Franlab (France)

0/16 Secondary hydrocarbon migration in complex multi-carrier settings - some practical insights (not available)

S. Doering, S. Castellani, L.Baruffini, Eni Upstream & Technical Services, Italy

0/17 3D numerical stratigraphic forward modeling of rifts: characterizing reservoir presence risk 
A. D. Harris1, P. J. Lovely1, S. E. Baumgardner1, K. Ghayour1, T. Engelder1, T. Sun1, R. P. Lyons1, D. Granjeon2
1 Chevron, USA ; 2 IFPEN, France