Practical information 

Why do a PhD in IFPEN?
The IFPEN research programs are unique in developing a strong interaction between basic research and industrial application. Collaborations with the best French and foreign laboratories, both academic and industrial, enrich the training of PhD candidates and promote their integration into the labor market. In addition, the IFP School Doctorale College offers training in the areas of science and technology of energy. Each PhD student IFPEN is an actor in a pointed research project and has the opportunity to publish in international journals. The three year professional work takes place in a friendly atmosphere throughout ADIFP.


How to apply for a IFPEN thesis?
The recruitment of PhD students IFPEN is usually in response to a thesis offer. The list of offers is available on the IFP School website. The offers are classified by research division.


More detailed information will be available on extranet of Collège doctoral.

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