Learning Expedition 


For several years, the ADIFP organizes a study tour in the theme of IFP Energies nouvelles research.
The expedition is generally made in May, with twenty participants. They are invited to participate in part of the trip by preparing presentation about their research. Part of the trip is being subsidized by the ADIFP. Below you will find a list of countries visited over the years



2016 Malaysia and Singapour : Field trip  
2015 Canada, Montréal and Calgary : Field trip  
2014 USA, Houston and San Fransisco : Field trip  A petroleum oriented expedition including visits to Total, Exxon-Mobile and Schlumberger  
2013 In Rio de Janeiro visit sites Schlumberger, Technip and Petrobras, workshop and tour of laboratories at PUC University. In Campinas visit synchrotron and two workshops at UNICAMP.  
2012 Workshop at the University of Trondheim. Visit laboratories SINTEF and NTNU University.  
2011 Workshop at the University of Ipoh.  
2010 Franco-Russian workshop in Omsk, visit the laboratories of the Gubkin University in Moscow and the Institute of Catalysis of Boreskov (BIC) in Novosibirsk, visit the website of Total and Schlumberger research center in Moscow.  

Schlumberger Technology Center in Sugar Land, Total refinery in Port Arthur, Centre Schlumberger-Doll Boston.

2008 Gas liquefaction plant in Ras Laffan, Schlumberger laboratories  

Oil Sands of Alberta, Syncrude and Total sites.


Petrobras installations


R & D facilities TNO (Geosciences Institute of the Netherlands)

2004 R & D facilities of Schlumberger.  

Oil Platform and the TOTAL processing center (Harlingen).

2001 CEPSA refineries in Algeciras and Huelva.  




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