The activities of the association
ADIFP offers a number of activities to strengthen the links between PhD candidates and supervisors and their integration into IFPEN.

Integration days
An official welcome is organized by ADIFP and the Doctoral College of IFP School. ADIFP takes this opportunity to compliment the meeting with open activities for team-building and getting to know your colleagues. The integration days are usually held in November.

Learning Expedition
To supplement the training provided to IFPEN, a study tour is organized every year. The goal of this trip is to introduce the PhD Candidates to professional life, in both the industry and academics, abroad. For more information, see the page dedicated to the Learning Expedition.


English courses
English courses and prep-sessions for passing the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication, often asked by companies) that will be certified by passing the exam, are organized for our members in collaboration with IFP School. The first course is usually held in early January. You will receive an email at the opening of registration to which you can reply to confirm your participation.

To link PhD candidates, supervisors and the world after the PhD, roundtables with industry stakeholders are organized by the association once per year. This event promotes the exchange between industry and PhD candidates of IFPEN. For more information you can visit the Doc’Day’s page.


Socio-cultural activities
Evenings out, such as cinemas, theaters, restaurants, museums, are subsidized and organized by ADIFP throughout the year on the sites of Rueil-Malamsion and Solaize. These activities promote the exchange between PhD students IFPEN and strengthen the network of ADIFP in a friendly spirit.

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