Who are we ?
ADIFP is an association founded  in 1999 with the aim to:

  •   Promote the integration of new students;
  •   Be the interlocutor between PhD candidates and IFPEN;
  •   Facilitate the employment of  IFPEN PhD candidates;
  •   To promote a network of ''IFPEN PhD PhD Candidates'' in France and abroad;
  •   Distribute information to its members;
  •   Promote the training of doctoral students.


We are very happy to see you found our website and we wish you all a very good visit. For any questions or comments feel free to contact us, we will try to answer as soon as possible. See you soon!


Some numbers
In 2015, about 140 PhD students are doing their PhD thesis with IFPEN. They are divided over two sites in Rueil-Malmaison and Solaize. Among them, 70 are ADIFP members.
For each socio-cultural output, ADIFP brings together about 10 to 15 people per site. This allows them to get know each other PhD candidates across disciplines and share their experiences thesis.
The Learning Expedition brings together 20 members representing the diversity of research topics to IFPEN, it creates a link between doctoral students of both sites and those that can be hosted in other university laboratories in France or abroad.


The board
Every year the board-members change. All members of ADIFP are allowed to vote for the next board during the Annual General Assembly.


The board 2015-2016
Main duties                                      Member Function                          Laboratory
President                                           Anouk BENIEST                              R1640, Rueil-Malmaison
Vice-President                                    Wei ZHAO                                      R0650, Solaize
Secretary                                           Virginie LE GAL                               R1610, Rueil-Malmaison
Treasurer Rueil                                Mamady KEITA                                R1020, Rueil-Malmaison
treasurer Solaize                             Kévin PERRIN                                  R0610, Solaize


Besides the board, ADIFP can count on the Division Representatives and leaders of activities. It is a team that allows to live the whole organization throughout the school year.

Correspondents Directorate
Whatever the division is you are working in, there is always a member of ADIFP ready to answer your questions. The contact person that corresponds to your direction is a member of ADIFP and responsible for transferring the various announcements and information provided by the board to each member of that  IFPEN division. They are there to welcome you and keep you informed about the whereabouts of the association (membership, employability and socio-cultural, minutes of meeting etc.). They can also guide you directly to the right people when needed .
There is one contact person per division, usually a second-year PhD candidate.


2015-2016 List of correspondents

Direction R&D



R04 Applied Mechanics



R05 Physics and Analysis

Leonor Duarte Mendes Catita


R06 Catalysis and Separation

Kévin Perrin


R07 Chemistry and Applied Physical Chemistry

Charlotte Gallois


R10 Energy Applications Techniques

Karl Chatelin


R11 Technology, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Aurélie Pirayre


R12 Design Modeling Processes

Sonia Carreira-Ferreira


R14 Economics and Information Watch

Claire Nicolas


R15 Testing Processes

Marisa Emanuel de Sousa Duarte


R16 Geosciences

Anouk Beniest



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