GIS Geosciences franciliennes governance 

The governance of the GIS Géosciences franciliennes is ensured by four bodies : the Steering Commitee, the Scientific Commitee, the GIS Director and the Thematic Groups.


The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of one representative of each member entity. At least one yearly general meeting is organised to which the Director of the GIS, the chairman of the Scientific Committee and a representative of the Ile-de-France Region also participate.

It deliberates on all matters relating to the GIS life and activities:


  • It decides scientific guidelines, thematic areas, specific activities, action plans proposed by the Scientific Committee and the GIS Director;
  • It discusses and approves the annual activity program proposed by the GIS Director;
  • It deliberates on possible new membership as well as exclusion of GIS members if necessary;
  • It appoints the members of the Scientific Committee on the proposal of the GIS Director, as well as Thematic Groups facilitators;
  • It ensures compliance on confidentiality and publications provisions;
  • It reviews the progress reports;
  • It accredits projects. 


The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee comprises at least seven leading scientific experts in the various disciplines relevant to the GIS activities.

It is an advisory body responsible for the scientific relevance and quality of the GIS activities. It reviews and advises the Steering Committee on the GIS scientific and financial report. It may also


  • Propose some actions;
  • Make recommendations on scientific guidelines;
  • Review research programs and contracts or agreements to be undertaken as well as rules for their implementation;
  • Analyse GIS activities results.


The GIS Director

The GIS Director is responsible for the implementation of the Steering Committee decisions. She

  • Is responsible for the implementation of guidelines decided by the Steering Committee and the use of resources made available to the GIS;
  • Establishes an annual program of activities on the basis of annual programs provided by the Thematic Groups and submits it to the Steering Committee;
  • Organizes at least one annual plenary meeting at which each Thematic Group presents a review of scientific achievements, current activities, and shares actions intended to be undertaken in the following year;
  • Presents the scientific and financial activity report to the Scientific Committee and forwards it to the Steering Committee;
  • Acts as the link between the Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee;
  • Sets, in coordination with the Chairman of the Steering Committee, the agenda of each meeting of the Steering Committee;
  • Sets, in coordination with the Chairman of the Scientific Committee, the agenda of each meeting of the Scientific Committee;
  • Is responsible for drafting and recording the minutes of the Steering Committee and Scientific Committee meetings.


The Thematic Groups

Each Thematic Group gathers members of the different entities interested in the topic. The facilitator of each Thematic Group

  • Organizes follow-up meetings with the various teams involved on the topic to identify projects that can be shared as well as possible synergies and proposes workshops;
  • Leads the organization of events and information dissemination;
  • Reports to the Steering Committee the progress of activities and the results from the GIS;
  • Submits an annual activity report to the Director and the Steering Committee;
  • Contributes to the writing of the scientific and finacial reports.
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