GIS Géosciences franciliennes overview 

A collaborative research in quantitative geosciences with an international reach


The GIS Géosciences franciliennes is a scientific collaboration which aims to pool research efforts in Ile-de-France on issues related to natural resources and environment which are the subject of major societal concerns.


The network: Players from Ile-de-France recognized in the field of geosciences


The GIS Géosciences franciliennes aims to become a network of international research in quantitative geosciences. It gathers laboratories that excel in the different fields of geosciences: subsoil exploration, observation and understanding of phenomena associated with natural geological processes or induced by human activity, development of numerical models integrating a large number of data of various kinds at different temporal and spatial scales, etc.




Drawing on the cultural and thematic wealth and diversity of its laboratories, the GIS Géosciences franciliennes is an active network in Ile-de-France for

  • Research
    The GIS Géosciences franciliennes will provide the fundamental knowledge required to address as a whole current issues within Earth sciences. It will:
    - Follow - or even coordinate - research work in Ile-de-France designed to examine the solutions envisaged to meet the resource and energy demand, assess their impacts, and manage the risks associated with natural processes or due to human activity;
    - Boost applied research through the links of its laboratories with industry;


  • Training
    The GIS Géosciences franciliennes contributes to research training of young people in geosciences through its close relationships with educational structures in Ile-de-France.


  • Knowledge dissemination
    The GIS Géosciences franciliennes promotes knowledge dissemination through publications, seminars, open or restricted conferences.
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